Staggered Shifts and Working from Home! Are You Ready for the Challenge of Information Security Caused by Coronavirus Pandemic?

As the spread of the Coronavirus continues, “working from home” has become the new normal and it is not only relevant to big enterprises. Many medium and small companies also adopted staggered shifts to protect their employees and to reduce the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. Is your company ready and prepared for the security issues that come with such measures?

The COVID-19 coronavirus has been spreading for a few months now and as of April 27th 03:35 GMT there have been more than 2.99 million documented coronavirus cases around the globe and almost 207 thousand people have died. Due to the global pandemic, the government announced that from March 19th onwards, people with other nationalities are no longer allowed to enter Taiwan. No one knows yet how much longer this situation will continue. Many companies are already affected by the coronavirus and have started to search for solutions that enable their employees to work from home.

Google’s parental company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple previously told their employees to work from home to reduce the risk of swarm infection. Throughout the past weeks, the number of people working from home has sharply increased. The most sizable semiconductor firms in Taiwan, TSMC and UMC, have already started to put their employees on staggered shifts and allow some of their employees to work from home. Many other companies overseas and within Taiwan have also been preparing and adopting solutions to protect their workers. But whichever way they chose, there are difficulties to create a controlled and secure environment to transfer data while people work from home.

You might have been searching for a company or online meeting software to help you facilitate working from home, such as Trello, Slack, Zoom, GitMind, etc., but will this alone be adequate? You will have to consider the safety of data/information transmitting. What about identity authentication? Those are extremely important and it might be quite worrying to think about your data in the wrong hands. But there are solutions.

Keypasco Multi-Factor Authentication and Multi-Peer VPN from Lydsec Digital Technology provide complete and fast solutions for Sign-On authentication and information transfer which is easy to use, creating the first step in securing your data while it is used outside of your company.

Multi-Peer VPN provides virtual peer-to-peer encrypted tunnels that can transfer data securely and work simultaneously on several different devices (such as smartphones and tablets) by setting up a virtual private network. Every time you connect, it will establish new encryption channels that ensure the data is transferred securely. Multi-Peer VPN is a pure software solution – in other words – there is no need to set up other devices and therefore there is no cost for additional hardware. All you need to do is to install the SDK of Multi-Peer VPN on your own devices which have the function of communication and application and then you can start using it directly. This not only makes adoption convenient but also affordable!

Furthermore, “Keypasco Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)” uses personal devices and geolocation to authenticate identities, allowing only authorized devices with the correct geolocation to get through the authentication system and VPN. As there are different security scenarios, it can also be used in combination with other factors, such as biometrics, proximity as well as PKI Sign, allowing users to freely configure the system to suit their specific needs. The whole process itself is supported by the unique patent of two-channel authentication, PKI Sign and risk management to further ensure the users’ identity.

While working from home, through the combination of Multi-Peer VPN and Keypasco Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the safety of data transmission, as well as identity authentication, can be solved at once! With this double protection, you no longer need to feel anxious nor worry about the safety of your data. To fight through this long-term coronavirus situation, Multi-Peer VPN and Keypasco MFA are the best choice for your company!

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