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  • Are your services PSD2 compliant?
    Maybe you already have full control of PSD2, and what it means for you, and your business? If not, no need to worry. Our security solution is PSD2 compliant! We put together a short summary of the new regulation to give you an overview of what it’s all about. What is PSD2? The EU Payment Services Directive, PSD2, has been submitted by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and regulates how […]
  • Photo: TheDigitalWay/PixabayInnovative solution provides Alektum Group protection against digital threats
    To further strengthen the security of Alektum’s services, Alektum Group, and IT security company Keypasco have signed an agreement for cooperation. By using Keypasco’s security solution for their client web, Backstage, and the credit reporting service, Decidas, Alektum Group becomes the first company in Europe to strengthen their user authentication with Keypascos unique innovative […]
  • Photo: youncoco/PixabayYet another bank chooses a secure future
    Together with our partner company Lydsec, Keypasco are pleased to welcome our new customer – Agricultural Bank of Taiwan. They are the 17th customer to use the Keypasco Solution to provide state-of-the-art authentication to enhance the online security for their end-users. The Agricultural Bank of Taiwan (ABT) is the only officially authorized banking institution in Taiwan that […]
  • Money Guard Technologies and Keypasco creates cyber security in the GCC region
    Keypasco has now teamed up with the Dubai based company Money Guard Technology to cover the GCC region. Together we can implement the Keypasco technology and enhance Internet security in the region. Internet security is not a national, but a global problem that needs to be solved. All over the world people are becoming more and more dependent on instant online services and can’t imagine going […]
  • Systemadministratör Unix/Linux och Cloud
    Om tjänsten: IT-säkerhetsföretaget Keypasco fortsätter att expandera och söker nu en erfaren (5-10 år) Unix/Linux-systemadministratör med programmeringskunskaper, alternativt en utvecklare med Unix-färdigheter. Målet är att utöka kompetensen i vårt cloud team, där vi har stort fokus på IT-säkerhet. Som en i teamet kommer du att arbeta i en flexibel miljö med kontinuerlig integration och […]
  • Java developer
    About the job: The security software company Keypasco continues to expand and we are now looking for a java developer for our backend team. You will work in a team of experienced backend developers who value high quality, scalability and agility. As a member of the team you will be working with the entire development process, from specification to deployment. The Keypasco products are installed […]
  • The new road to Internet security
    Over the years, reports have been pouring in about leaked account information, stolen passwords, credit card fraud and other troublesome and costly incidents, all due to poor security solutions. Now, the Swedish company Keypasco has come up with a solution that could revolutionize how we address the security problem. Internet security is an on-going problem for any company that uses a login for […]
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