Since the start in 2010 Keypasco’s award winning solution has contributed to a paradigm shift within Internet security. Keypasco’s unique patented solution uses a revolutionary new technology for user authentication and provides security to online service providers and users.

By using the unique Device ID on the end-user’s own device, like a smartphone, tablet or a desktop/laptop computer, we can make sure that a username and password only works on the right device and in the right location. To ensure a convenient user experience the cutting-edge technology is working in the background to maintain the security behind the provider’s ordinary application interface.

The Keypasco Solution opens up for new innovative business models and enables the creation of new services. Today our products provide mobile security to millions of users across the world. Keypasco - Security By Your Own Device!

Company Story

We are at the heart of our rapidly changing digital culture, and as with all paradigm shifts, there will be new challenges. Some of the largest challenges with cloud services are security and integrity, crucial factors for success and sustainability. Keypasco is ready for the change! With more than 20 years of individual experience within IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary two factors authentication technology solutions used today.

The founders Maw-Tsong Lin and Per Skygebjerg have a proven track record, and a previous success includes building and manages the two-factor authentication company Todos from the ground up. Todos developed hardware tokens for the e-banking market, and their products are still used today by a large number of banks worldwide due to its good security. By the time Todos was acquired by Gemalto in 2010 Todos had accomplished 75 banks and 20 million devices delivered. Per and Maw-Tsong was the force behind Todos and its success story, and they took their experience and network with them to Keypasco. With experiences from the hardware market they found a passion to offer a service that presents a new way to security, without the hardware limitations in mitigated threats, design, logistics and cost.

“Our solution provides the same or higher level of security and accuracy compared to the best hardware solutions without the high costs of upfront investments, administration, logistics and without update limitations. And it’s not either or; our solution will always highly improve your current solution.” - Per Skygebjerg, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Keypasco develops secure software, which is designed and customised to be used on trusted devices. We deliver on the society’s expanding needs for personal authentication services, identity protection, and secure tasks. Since the start in 2010 we have been established as a market leader and a force to be reckoned with within the changing digital and mobility market. When Keypasco was acclaimed and awarded by Frost & Sullivan, we were described as “a true pioneer of the 21st century for mobile security”, and they point out that we have embraced the mega trends that challenge our industry.

”Frost & Sullivan's research reveals that Keypasco’s software-based secure authentication solution is made for realistic business leaders who understand these growing security risks, everyday user behaviour, and the advantages and growing demand for mobility.“

Keypasco’s vision is to be a leading vendor of online secure authentication, and we aim to provide a secure and green authentication service. We at Keypasco care about the environment and have included this value in the core of the service development. By using the end users own devices (a secure BYOD) via software without any hardware components we take responsibility and don´t release toxins in the nature during additional logistics, or hardware production.

Security Stamp by Keypasco