Secure authentication - for any online service

Instant security for you, and ALL of your customers

Imagine that you could upgrade the security for 100% of your online customers without them even knowing it!

Keypasco offer a new software-based solution that is easy to integrate within your existing systems. The quick implementation is done through a silent rollout and instantly secures the digital identity of your customers.

The Keypasco solution is flexible and self-scalable and provides you with a unique evolving risk engine for continuous improvement of your security, great privacy and integrity protection and a blacklist of fraudulent devices. Your vision is what we already do!

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Benefits with the Keypasco Solution: 

  • Convenient and easy mass rollout for any number of users
  • Quick and easy integration with your existing solution - no change in established user behaviour
  • Works in the background and guarantees the security
  • Privacy and integrity protection
  • Unique deviceID risk engine for continuous improvement of your security
  • Skip passwords and tokens
  • No distributed credentials = nothing to steal

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We can secure your services 

The Keypasco technology can be used by a wide range of applications for digital signature, authentication and access control such as:

  • Internet/mobile banking, mobile payment, cardless ATM withdrawal and transactions
  • Online gaming, online betting, eCommerce, ticket reservations
  • CRM, email
  • eGovernment, healthcare
  • Smart Home, private automobile, car rental, car sharing
  • Innovative FinTech services
  • Smart Data Mining – the right information at the right time

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