New update of the Keypasco server – Borgen™ released

Keypasco are happy to announce the release of the new and improved version of Borgen™. This release addresses many of the things customers have requested to get an even better and more easily managed security tool.

Keypasco has now reached over 2 million active users. With good growth in many different application areas, the number of users rapidly continues to increase.

With the new updated version, Borgen 1.38.0, Keypasco can meet the needs of the market even better. The developed and improved version makes it even easier to meet the demands of both large banks with over 10 million users, and smaller companies using Keypasco’s cloud services.

Keypasco has one of the most solid device identification solutions on the market today. The solution offers protection for both digital assets as well as privacy and integrity protection, which is an at least equally important factor.

The Keypasco server – Borgen™ 1.38.0

Keypasco authenticates the end-user by identifying and associating their device(s) and location(s) to an anonymous user-ID within the Keypasco server. No personal data is ever stored in either the client or on the server. The server is self-scalable to handle any volume. The graphical administrator tool provides an easy-to-use system and customer support.

The new version includes a much improved administration tool. The new admin tool facilitates online support when handling any of the issues a mobile solution may encounter, such as mobile phone replacement or recovery, in a convenient and secure way.

Some of the new features in Borgen™ 1.38.0 are: Better support for automatic deletion of old information to provide better database performance. A whole new statistics section to easily view facts about customer usage; offering the ICP support centre an online overview of individual user logs for effective support. Improved billing information for better control over future costs. The possibility to quickly download all necessary information about a specific user to get advanced debugging support from Keypasco if a difficult customer problem occurs. (No person-related data that violates customer integrity is ever available.)

These and many other minor and major improvements for secure and easy-to-use end-user authentication are now available, if you would like to know more, please contact Keypasco.

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