AG2 and Keypasco Welcome New Customer Identicare

Last November, our partners AG2 travelled to the Trustech Conference to join us in our stand. Professionals from the trust-based technologies gathered together for 3 days in the beautiful surrounding of Cannes, France.

For AG2 and Keypasco, the event marked a very special occasion, the announcement of our new client – Identicare.

Identicare is focussed on the self-care area and has created a complete range of patient-centric medication assessment and monitoring tools under the brand IdentiKit. The aim of these tools is to expand the role of the pharmacist at the centre of patient care by providing timely, good-quality, trustworthy information to both the patient and the care team.

Upon launching this solution, Identicare identified the need to invest in cutting edge security at every level in order to ensure compliance with the strictest data protection requirements.

“When it comes to cloud solutions that handle patient specific data, one cannot compromise. It is essential to choose the best security partners available.” 

The Keypasco solution uses the unique DeviceID on the end-user’s own device, such as a smartphone, to make sure that the username and password only works on the right device and in the right location.

Both AG2 and Keypasco are delighted to have Identicare on board and we look forward to watching this very exciting technology develop further in 2018.

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