Innovative solution provides Alektum Group protection against digital threats

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To further strengthen the security of Alektum’s services, Alektum Group, and IT security company Keypasco have signed an agreement for cooperation. By using Keypasco’s security solution for their client web, Backstage, and the credit reporting service, Decidas, Alektum Group becomes the first company in Europe to strengthen their user authentication with Keypascos unique innovative solution..

For all companies offering digital services, IT security is an ever-present issue. For Alektum Group, an active security is a matter of certainty, and a necessity. You have to constantly prevent the problems, before they occur. “Both us, and our customers, must feel confident that no unauthorized users can access the information in our systems.” says Anders Svensson, Senior Vice President of Alektum Group.

However, high security requirements often collide with the demands for user-friendliness. A problem, that can arise, when introducing new security solutions, is that they often require a change in user behaviour. Something that could be easier said than done.

A desire to challenge the traditions
Gothenburg-based, IT security company Keypasco, has found a way to solve the problem and deliver both a user-friendly, and safe security solution, where the customers don´t have to change their behaviour. By challenging the traditions and making security solutions easier and more adapted to human behaviour, Keypasco wants to make all types of online services more secure in the future..

“A security solution should not be complicated. On the other hand, it is important that you don’t put user-friendliness over security. With the Keypasco’s solution, we get both user-friendliness and security!” – Camilla Hennemann, CIO, Alektum Group

To simplify things are important. A good security solution should be neither seen nor noticed – as long as no unauthorized attempts to access your information, or carry out transactions in your name, are made.

The user in focus brings better solutions
By choosing a solution adapted to the user, you don’t have to spend time, and resources, on having the users change their behaviour. They can continue to log in using, username, and password – but with much higher security. If someone’s user data is compromised, it doesn´t matter – no-one else can use them anyway.

The Keypasco Solution ensures, that your username, and password, only work on your own computer, mobile or tablet!

Innovative world-class security
To continue to provide a good user experience, Keypasco’s cutting edge technology works in the background to maintain the security behind Alektum Group’s regular application interface. The core of the Keypasco Solution is the collecting of device-related data, from the device (desktop / laptop computer, mobile etc.) from which the login attempt is made. This allows Keypasco to offer something no-one else does – a risk-based authentication solution that is easy to integrate, and can be rolled out in the background to all end users at once.

“Alektum Group will be the first company in Europe to secure their authentication, using the Keypasco solution. It is particularly gratifying that it is a Swedish company, when we now establish ourselves on our home market.” – Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO, Keypasco

In addition, the Keypasco solution provides a unique risk engine, analysing the device behind every authentication attempt to detect fraudulent behaviour, to further increase the security. Several other features also add to the security.

A modern security solution for a modern company
One of the services that will implement the Keypasco Security Solution is the credit information service, Decidas. Decidas Info AB, is a part of Alektum Group, with the task of helping customers to keep their customer records alive and to choose the right customers to do business with.

As one of Sweden’s youngest credit reporting companies, built with the latest technology, it is a matter of certainty to use the best, state-of-the-art technology to control who has access to the service, and to the data available there. It is important, not just to be at the forefront of ones service offerings, but also with the tools and systems you use, and here security plays a very important part.

Anyone should not be able to access your collection cases
The second service, which will gradually implement Keypasco solution, is the online service Backstage, Alektum Group’s client web service for debt collection. Through the service, debt collector customers can monitor all their collection cases at Alektum Group. Of course, no one other than the person authorized shall have access to another person’s debt collection matters. Sensitive information must be well protected, so that no unauthorized persons can access it.

First in Europe, but not in the world
Alektum Group is the first company in Europe to implement Keypasco’s security solution. However, it is not an untested product. Keypasco is already established in the tough Asian market, where the solution is used for everything from banks to smart home systems. Keypasco is based in Gothenburg where all development takes place, but is represented, through local partners, in markets around the world.

当社について Alektum Group
Alektum Group is a family-owned company offering debt collection and associated services. We support our customers through the entire financial process with a unique combination of innovative services and products, reliable information and legal expertise, helping them find the right customers, improve liquidity, streamline invoicing administration and reduce credit risks. We believe in long-term partnership through close cooperation, tailored solutions and a tactful dialogue with the customer’s customers. Cooperation with us is always simple and effective – the right solutions at the right time for the right results.

Alektum Group has operated since 1992, initially as a debt collection company. Today, we operate in 15 European markets, with around 400 employees and a turnover exceeding SEK 550 million.


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