Singapore grants Keypasco patent for PKI Sign

Photo: Mike Enerio/Unsplash

To secure the core technology, the foundation of the Keypasco authentication solution, Keypasco has filed patent applications in all major countries. Keypasco are now happy to announce that the patent application for PKI Sign has been granted in Singapore.

Keypasco´s aim is to make the Internet a safer place and to constantly provide cutting-edge security to clients and customers. By challenging the traditions and making things easier and more human we create the Keypasco products and services.

Singapore is an important market for Keypasco. To have the PKI Sign patent been granted is an important step towards further expansion in the country.

“Singapore’s granting of the PKI Sign patent is testament to the innovation and uniqueness of Keypasco. Applying Keypasco technology refreshes a decades old standard (PKI) to address modern day concerns on mobile security; and is a big step forward for Singapore towards an internet safe and digitally enabled Smart Nation”
Tseng Wun Hsiung, CEO at Secur Solutions Group, Keypascos partner in Singapore

Keypasco PKI Sign

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) has many different uses, but it is primarily used for encrypting and / or signing data. With the trend showing that more and more services, such as eBanking, are moving to mobile platforms, there is a need to transfer the security and PKI standard as well.

PKI is widely adopted as a trusted security standard, even enforced by law in many countries. But traditional PKI solutions often requires a secure carrier for the storage of the distributed PKI-credentials (certificate and private key), like an IC card, USB key, SIM card or SD card. With the Keypasco PKI Sign, you don’t need any additional hardware tokens.

The Keypasco PKI technology, invented by Mr Magnus Lundström, Security Architect and Head of Support at Keypasco, has solved the problem in a smart way. In the Keypasco solution only a part of the private keys are stored encrypted in the mobile. The other parts are stored in the server, by doing it this way there is no need for secure element in the mobile to make an extremely secure solution. The mobile app itself is protected by Keypascos patented core technology; the device authentication.

Singapore is the fourth country to grant Keypasco patent for the Central stored PKI Solution. The PKI Sign patent is now approved in USA, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.

In total Keypasco holds four different patents that are granted in at least one country, including some of the world’s leading IT-nations such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, European Union and the United States.


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