Taiwan Grants Keypasco New Patent

Keypasco has filed patent applications in all major countries to secure its core security technology, which is the foundation for the Keypasco authentication solution. Keypasco offers a secure multi-factor authentication solution to secure online services. We provide security to Internet Content Providers within Internet banking (eBanking), eCommerce, online gaming, mobile payments, eGovernment, and more.

Four of Keypasco’s patents are now approved in some of the leading IT-nations – including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, EU and USA.

Keypasco PKI Sign
PKI is a standard that has been recognized as secure and is widely adopted as a security standard, and enforced by law in many countries. The traditional solutions that are PKI-compliant often requires a secure carrier for the storage of the distributed PKI-credentials (certificate and private key), examples is IC card, USB key, SIM card, SD card etc.

Taiwan is the second country to grant Keypasco with the newest of their inventions: the Central stored PKI Solution. This feature enables Keypasco to offer a PKI solution where only a part of the PKI-credentials are decrypted and distributed to a mobile app. The mobile app is protected by the patented core technology; device authentication.

The trend shows that more and more services are moving over to the mobile platform with services such as eBanking, and therefore we need to transfer the security and PKI standard as well. Different services like HCE (Host Card Emulation), NFC payment, Internet bank/mobile bank, mobile payment, e-ticket, access control etc. are typical applications that all use PKI technology.

But the challenge of today is – how secure is it to store the PKI-credentials in a software application on a mobile phone with an open OS?

The Keypasco PKI technology has solved this problem in a smart way – the PKI-credentials are not distributed, but the technology it is still compliant with the PKI regulation. The PKI Sign solution is protected by the Keypasco device authentication technology, which provides several extra layers of protection. The trend is also indicating that personal wearable devices could be a part of a user’s digital identity – Security by your own devices! This connection offers an excellent user experience and the Keypasco solution is easy to rollout to the masses.

The patent is now approved in the United States of America and Taiwan, and Mr. Magnus Lundström, Security Architect and Head of Support at Keypasco, is the inventor.

Keypasco applies for new patents continuously during the development of the Keypasco authentication solution. This is a part of Keypasco’s on-going strategy to offer cutting-edge technology that provides constantly updated security to its clients and customers.


About Keypasco
With more than 25 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary authentication technology solutions used today. Keypasco offer a patent-approved secure authentication and secure mobility solution to Internet Content Providers end users in the online gaming and financial/banking industry. For more information, visit www.keypasco.com, email info@www.keypasco.com or contact us at +46-31-102360.

Link to the official english PDF version of the press release.

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