Korea Grants Keypasco One More Patent

Keypasco has filed patent applications in all major countries to secure its core security technology, which is the foundation for the Keypasco authentication solution. Keypasco offers a secure multi-factor authentication solution to secure online services. We provide security to Internet Content Providers within Internet banking (eBanking), eCommerce, online gaming, mobile payments, eGovernment, and more.

All four of Keypasco’s patents are now approved in at least one country, and several patents are approved in some of the leading IT-nations – including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, EU and USA.

Users of today have to remember multiple usernames and passwords, and to change them frequently. But good security is unfortunately still not achieved. To use different tokens for different services is inconceivable, and it will never be a standard for many reasons.

Dynamic URL is an addition to the Keypasco core technology to secure different Content Providers while being flexible and intelligent. The Keypasco core technology (secure device authentication) works in the background and guarantees the security. With the Dynamic URL feature Keypasco can offer: Single-Sign-On with one single trusted mobile security app – this would be the ideal for cyber security.

With the Keypasco Dynamic URL technology you can have multiple Internet Contents Provider’s (ICP’s) on one side and multiple ID Provider’s (IDP’s) on the other. They share the same generic security app installed on the end user’s smartphone (also available for tablet, notebook, or PC), and this app has the ability to offer:

  • the ICP a choice to choose the IDP with the best service for the best price,
  • the IDP an possibility to compete with their service content and price,
  • the end user a choice to choose the IDP they prefer and trust.

Korea is the fifth country to grant Keypasco with the Dynamic URL patent. The patent is now approved in Taiwan, USA, Japan, European Union and Korea. Mr. Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO at Keypasco, and Mr. Per Skygebjerg, COO at Keypasco, are the inventors.

Keypasco applies for new patents continuously during the development of the Keypasco authentication solution. This is a part of Keypasco’s on-going strategy to offer cutting-edge technology that provides constantly updated security to its clients and customers.


About Keypasco
With more than 25 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary authentication technology solutions used today. Keypasco offer a patent-approved secure authentication and secure mobility solution to Internet Content Providers in the online gaming and financial/banking industry. For more information, visit www.keypasco.com, email info@www.keypasco.com or contact us at +46-31-102360.

Link to the official english PDF version of the press release.

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