Keypasco and Toyo Corporation Partner Up to Provide Japan with Multi-factor Secure Authentication

Toyo CorporationKeypasco are happy to announce our latest partnership. Keypasco and TOYO Corporation partner up to provide Japan with Keypasco’s unique multi-factor secure authentication solution. Japan is struggling today with online security, and just in the first half of 2015, 754 incidents struck the banking sector resulting in a 15 billion yen loss according to the National Police Agency. This partnership will contribute to the creation of a secure ICT society where mobile banking, online shopping and gaming, etc. are safe.

Keypasco is happy to have Toyo Corporation as a partner and representative. This partnership will fully integrate the Keypasco software and knowledge with Toyo’s market expertise, and together we will provide the most advanced authentication solution for the next generation. The result for customers will be an experience of a complete step-by-step integration process with personal assistance. With Toyo’s market expertise, customers can relax knowing the contact with this secure authentication solution and software will be provided in a convenient manner, and with knowledge of the local culture.

The Keypasco software allows a customer’s end user to use their personal devices securely and conveniently wherever they go. The software is easily installed and provides secure identity verification for a low annual cost. End users can now easily and securely access private information.

“We’re extremely excited to be partner with Keypasco. Not only for eradicating current expanding Internet fraud remittance, but also for protection of unauthorized use of Social Security numbers, secure e-shopping, and secure e-government. We have the ambition to be the strong contributor for a secure JPN society. The Keypasco solution is unique and the fundamental elements are perfect for a secure future while still being highly convenient, which fits this IoT (internet of things) era,” commented Mr. Onodera, Board Director of TOYO ICCT.

“Keypasco team has more than 25 years experience within authentication for Internet banking and e-commerce security (more than 75 banks and over 20 million tokens delivered). We have learned that traditional security solutions can’t meet current and future cyber security and that’s the reason to our new-patented technology. Japan is a highly sophisticated society, leading in e-commerce and smart phone applications and security is a fundamental infrastructure for it. Toyo has decided to offer the most advanced security solution with the mission to secure the Japanese cyber society, we are happy to be their partner in this journey,” added Mr. Maw-Tsong Lin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Keypasco.


About Toyo Corporation
TOYO Corporation is one of Japan’s pre-eminent specialists in the all-critical area of measurement, providing comprehensive and integrated support in the core triad of hardware, software and education. Our aim is to provide our customers and clients with thoroughgoing and all embracing service, while engaging in constant and on going feedback with our suppliers and developers. It is our ultimate objective to serve as an effective interface in all our endeavours. For more information please visit Toyo Corporation Web site:


About Keypasco
With more than 25 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary authentication technology solutions used today. Keypasco offer a patent-approved secure authentication and secure mobility solution to 13.9M end users in the online gaming and financial/banking industry. For more information, visit, email or contact us at +46-31-102360.

Keypasco PR Contact:
Anna Zetterholm

Link to the official english PDF version of the press release.

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