Keypasco sponsor at the EESTEL Workshop for Authentication

Keypasco is happy to sponsor the EESTEL Workshop for Authentication in Paris July 1st 2015.

The EESTEL Association is the Association of European Experts in Electronic Transactions Systems, with its 59 members is a hub that allows the promotion and exchange of expertise in the field of secure transaction (payment, ticketing, identity, health, safety…). EESTEL represents the excellence of a federated network of specialists in electronic transaction systems.

The event that will take place this July is arranged to inspire a discussion around the theme Strong Authentication. At this event they will discuss how the payment is not the only area where EESTEL is concerned. Contractual relationships via mobile devices are still facing critical security problems and have to rely on strong authentication. The rise of sales channels, the growth of e-commerce and the development of new payment methods are all scenarios that require a strong and efficient authentication. To handle the creativity and power of cybercriminal organisations, we need stronger authentication solutions to verify the identity and quality of end users. Only when the original end user is authenticated will the security of electronic transactions be assured, and trusted. This event will discuss how to benefit the security and protection of personal data without inconveniencing the customer’s experience.

Keypasco will, as sponsor of the event, be representative in both discussions and on the exhibitor floor. We will use this opportunity to present our outstanding multi-factor authentication solution and customer use cases.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Keypasco as a major sponsor for our event based on the new methods for strong authentication. This workshop will deliver a comprehensive overview of a whole raft of solutions used in electronic transactions.

Our seasoned panel of experts will allow attendees to understand the development of strong authentication techniques enabling a high level of security while preserving privacy. Besides the visibility, this workshop is also an opportunity for Keypasco to meet both potential customers and partners,”commented Pierre Crego, Vice-President at EESTEL and event manager.

“We at Keypasco are proud to join this event together with EESTEL. I believe our presence and sponsoring will help us growing our network and notoriety within the French Banking market, as EESTEL is a strong representative in electronic payments. I look forward to this event in order to learn more about new innovations and to get to meet new actors,” added Juliette Badin, Key Account Manager at Keypasco.

Come join us at Cinov- It / Salle Léonard de Vinci!

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About Keypasco
We are at the heart of our rapidly changing digital culture. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be new challenges. Some of the largest challenges with cloud services are security and integrity, crucial factors for success and sustainability.

With more than 20 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary two factor authentication technology solutions used today. We deliver on society’s expanding needs for personal authentication services, identity protection, and secure tasks. Keypasco’s vision is to be a leading vendor of online secure authentication.

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