Functions and features

An embedded solution without end-user interaction where the risk-engine works in background and instantly secure 100% of your customers!

Mobile SDK and/or browser 

You can easily implement the Generic Service model with mobile SDK and / or browser. The Keypasco solution immediately starts to protect you and your customers.

  • Easy to install and integrate 
  • Good security with 100% penetration 
  • User convenience - silent enrolment 
  • Generic API 
  • Risk engine, for continuous improvement 
  • Black list of fraudulent devices / users

The Keypasco “Vakten” app 

  • A generic authentication app for increased security 
  • The app can be used for multiple ICP services 
  • Example of use: - Secure login - Secure online shopping - Secure money transfer - Secure money withdrawal at cardless ATM’s 
  • No need to develop your own app 
  • Skip online passwords! Use the mobile’s fingerprint sensor instead

The Keypasco “Borgen” server 

  • A cloud based server 
  • Web-based graphic user interface 
  • Administration of multiple ICP’s 
  • Administration of Licenses 
  • ICP Customer Support 
  • Billing management 
  • Integrity – no information about the customer or end-users are stored in the Keypasco server 

Risk engine 

The unique risk engine, based on the Keypascos deviceID technology, operates in the background to continuously improve the security for you and your customers. 

  • Powered by smart data mining of device properties 
  • Risk engine working in the background 
  • Gathered and measured sources - Device, user, behaviour, system etc. 
  • Provides the rule engine with factors like: - Time, location, behaviour etc. 
  • Black List of users and devices who fails, for example within configured time span 
  • Decision taken by ICP or Keypasco