The new road to Internet security


Over the years, reports have been pouring in about leaked account information, stolen passwords, credit card fraud and other troublesome and costly incidents, all due to poor security solutions. Now, the Swedish company Keypasco has come up with a solution that could revolutionize how we address the security problem.

Internet security is an on-going problem for any company that uses a login for their services. Often we are stuck with inadequate existing solutions, and it is easy to be discouraged by all the work involved with implementing a new one. But, by challenging the traditions and making things easier and more adapted to human behaviour Keypasco has come up with a new way to make the Internet a safer place.

“I changed all my passwords to “incorrect” so whenever I forget, it will tell me “your password is incorrect”” – With the Keypasco solution you can stop hassle with passwords

Why does it continue to happen when we all know how important good security is?

There are of course many reasons that contribute; for example username and password is still the most common authentication solution. But as we all know, it is hard to keep track of all the different passwords we need in our daily life, so we tend to use the same or similar password for all services. Some providers, such as in the banking sector, has chosen to add to the security with different hardware tokens, but this solution is not for everyone since they are expensive, difficult to roll-out and to update, and very inconvenient for the end-users.

Another problem with these two solutions, and all other traditional authentication solutions is that they use distributed credentials. But, credentials can, and will be stolen.

Why continue on a dead end street?

We are all dependent on the new smart online services so it is just not an option to continue on this dead end road with the old authentication methods – we need to strengthen the security in a new way.

The solution is already here

To solve this problem the Swedish company Keypasco has come up with a simple but clever solution.

By using the unique device ID on the end-user’s own device, like a smartphone, tablet or a desktop/laptop computer, you can make sure that a username and password only works on the right device and in the right location. Simply, Security By Your Own Device!

The core technology of the Keypasco solution, the collecting of device-related data – makes it possible to offer something no one else does – a risk-based authentication solution that is easy to integrate and can be rolled-out in the background to ALL end-users at once, regardless of the number of users.

“With its ground breaking innovative technology, the Keypascos solution offers you a way to secure ALL of your customers without them even knowing it! With our two new service models we can help all types of Internet content providers to secure their customers” – Maw-Tsong Lin, CEO, Keypasco

In addition, the Keypasco solution provides you with a unique risk engine, analysing the device behind every authentication attempt to detect fraudulent behaviour, to further increase the security. Several other features also add to the security.

To provide customers with the best security solution for their needs, Keypasco have now launched two new service models; the Generic Service Model and the Premium Service Model.

The Generic Service Model is an embedded solution, without any end-user interaction that instantly secures 100% of the customers. With the Premium Service Model additional features can be added to maximize the security. This is useful for services that demand an extra high level of security like: Finance, eGovern­ment, Credit card protection, Cardless ATM withdrawal and Mobile payment.

The Keypasco solution in short

  • Automatic enrolment in background – no end-user interaction
  • Risk-engine – a unique risk engine powered by device data mining
  • Easy to integrate with a current solution
  • Instantly protects all customers after implementation
  • The provider still own the information about the customers, Keypasco can’t access it
  • Scalable solution – suitable regardless of the number of end-users
  • No distributed credentials

Meet up at TRUSTECH

To showcase the solution Keypasco will attend TRUSTECH in Cannes on the French Riviera, November 28 to December 1 at the Palais des Festivals.

TRUSTECH is one of worlds the largest annual events dedicated to trust-based technologies and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Keypasco can be found at stand LERINS E001. Don’t forget to stop by to talk about secure authentication, secure mobility and to see a live demonstration of the Keypasco solution.

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